Early Language & Literacy Summit


Saturdays in August & September.

Training Credit

Receive six hours of early language and literacy professional development.


Leave the Summit with books, resources, and materials to use in your classrooms.

Join us as we...

Explore all things early language and literacy. Learn about early language and literacy development and how to use classroom interactions to build a strong literacy foundation for young children. Leave with materials and action plans to take back to your classroom. No cost for participation for TN DHS licensed child care agencies!

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Schedule & Registration

View our Summit dates and locations below and register for the one that is right for you!


Early childhood professionals employed at a Department of Human Services licensed child care facility, including:

  • Classroom Educators
  • Center Directors
  • Family Group Educators/Professionals



Chattanooga Summit



Franklin Summit



Jackson Summit



Knoxville Summit



Memphis Summit

A Word From CCR&R Staff

The work that early childhood educators do is so important, not just to the children and families they serve but to the whole community. Children deserve high quality child care and the TN CCR&R Network is always there to help with anything early childhood educators need to maintain that quality.

Karen Wright

Deputy Director of Early Language & Inclusion

We know that child outcomes improve when we improve adult capabilities. We are excited to spend the day learning together to better support children's language and literacy development across the Tennessee.

Regina Henning

Early Language & Literacy Coordinator

Each educator who participates in the Summit will walk away with new information, exciting ideas, and developmentally appropriate materials to use in the classroom to support each child's growing language and their path toward literacy.

Katie Denton-Walls

Early Language & Literacy Assistant Coordinator

Having conversations with children beginning at birth is one of the best ways you can support their language and literacy development. The more words a child hears throughout the first 3 years of life, the more language they will be able to learn and use as they begin talking, reading, and writing.

Frequently asked questions

Can I attend a Summit outside of my region?
Do I earn training hours for this training?
What resources will we receive?
What topics will be covered?
Do I need to preregister for the Summits?
Will food be provided during the event?
Who is eligible to attend?
Have an unanswered question?

Contact Regina Henning for all of your questions and concerns at ell@signalcenters.org.

Regina Henning

Early Language and Literacy Coordinator