A Mindful Message in Practicing Praise

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

The season of giving thanks and showing gratitude to the ones around us has arrived.

How often do we show gratitude to our children? A simple way to show children gratitude is to give them praise! Praise can be a compliment, kind gesture, positive facial expression, or a form of a gentle touch like hugs or high fives. These things promote feelings of self-pride, worth and accomplishment.

There are two types of praise: praise for doing and praise for being.

  1. Praise for doing tells the child that you appreciate and value their efforts when they’ve completed a task or accomplished something.

  2. Praise for being means that the child did not have to do anything to earn your praise; you simply praised them for being who they are.

Both types of praise should be used with all children.

Strive to make these connections with each of your students daily. Healthy social-emotional development serves as a foundation on which children can build future learning.

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