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Establishing Tummy Time Routine to Enhance Your Baby's Development

TUMMY TIME is an important activity for your baby’s development and is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

           Your Guide to New Crib Standards.  Beginning December 28, 2012, any crib provided by child care facilities and family child care homes must meet new and improved federal safety standards.

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How Exercise Helps Children’s Physical Development

View the 11 most important physical and psychological benefits that kids get from engaging in regular exercise.

Tummy Time - Learn more at   Tummy time is one of the most important things you can do to help your baby maintain a healthy head shape! At Baby Begin, we recommend tummy time for newborns, to prevent plagiocephaly, also called flat head syndrome, from ever becoming an issue. It’s something you can do with your baby, to promote good health and a beautiful head shape.

Benefits of Developmental Monitoring & Screening

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The Child Trends Hispanic Institute, provides timely and insightful research-based information and guidance to improve outcomes for Latino children. Click the link,

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

NPT Reports Children's Health Crisis Videos

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Protecting Your Child and Building Resiliency

When protecting your child and building resiliency, it’s important to talk about negative experiences that can lead to toxic stress. Some stress is normal and healthy, but too much can cause problems. We all work hard to stay healthy, and as we all deal with stress, it’s important to learn more and talk about experiences that cause toxic stress, sometimes called Adverse Childhood Experience.

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